How to Block ALL Ads on iPhone! // NextDNS + Lockdown Privacy + AdGuard Pro + AdBlock Pro! (2023)


In this video I show you all of the apps that I use on my iPhone to block ads, trackers, and analytics from my iPhone completely. This is the easiest guide to block all annoying trackers, ads, analytics, and more. This also works on YouTube but only if you watch YouTube in Safari. Watch the whole video to learn all of the apps that I use! Share this video with a friend if you hate advertisements!

START HERE! Follow these steps in order for best results:

1. First, go HERE and make a NextDNS account:
2. After you create your account and set up your block-lists, download the NextDNS app for iOS here:
3. *Read pinned comment, do NOT get Lockdown. They paywalled a BUNCH of free features as soon as I made this video. SKIP Lockdown. Just stick with NextDNS with custom filters.*

That will protect your iPhone from ads in MOST apps on the iPhone. BUT to block more ads in Safari on YouTube, get these:

4. AdGuard (FREE Version):
5. AdGuard Pro (PAID Version):
6. AdBlock Pro:
7. Vinegar:
8. Baking Soda:
9. StopTheMadness:
10. Noir:

Link to purchase Blue Glow Ghostags:
Link to purchase Green Glow Ghostags:

Get these AdBlocking apps so you never see another iPhone ad again! These are the BEST ways to block ads on iOS and the BEST ways to block ads on iPhone, any iPhone. These adblockers also work on iPad so if you want to block ads on the iPad this will work. You can also block ads on the Mac. But this video specifically is about how to block ads on iPhone. Block all ads on iOS 16 and block ads on iOS 17. DNS adblocker NextDNS is one of the best. Plus Lockdown, AdGuard and AdGuard Pro, AdBlock Pro, Lockdown Privacy, Block ads on YouTube, Noir, StopTheMadness, Vinegar, and Baking Soda.

This video will help you block all ads on your iPhone and help show you how to block all ads on iOS! If you enjoyed, share with a friend!

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Foreign this is my own company that I started because I wanted a glow-in-the-dark air tag case.

These things are awesome.

You can stick them on your backpack on your dog's collar, and you will be able to find it at night.

You've got two colors, blue and green.

They've got great reviews go check them out links to them down below now on to the video, hey, guys, what's up, I'm, slim and you're watching slimothy TV.

This is not going to be a super in-depth video, but I wanted to quickly go over some of my favorite ad, blocking technology for the iPhone.

Now, if you watch on the YouTube app on your phone, you're gonna get ads within the YouTube app, but maybe you use a bunch of different free apps that have advertisements in them and you're tired of seeing the ads, I'm gonna give you two different apps that you can use to block those advertisements for good.

The first one I want to show you guys is called Next DNS.

Now, this is something that I just started looking into.

And it has worked very very well, literally.

This is all there is to it that's.

It it's just a toggle on or off.

Now you do have to make an account on the computer or your phone, whatever on their website.

But once you create the account you just link up your ID.

Now, if you click this little button down here, I'm going to scroll down just a bit.

So you don't see my ID, basically, what you do is on a computer I recommend doing it on a computer just go to the computer go to next DNS website, make an account add every block list that you want to block do you want to block certain Facebook ads.

Do you want to block trackers? Do you want to block analytics? You can block anything you want.

You add every list you want on the computer, and you type in your custom configuration code up there at the top, which I'm not showing and your phone will automatically block all of those trackers.

It is super cool.

And all you have to do to do this.

You just go into settings scroll down to a general scroll down just a bit until you see, VPN, DNS and device management, click on that click on DNS and just set it to next DNS and you're good to go that's it.

And then if you want to send device name, I recommend it, if you want to filter, because you can see the logs of everything this thing blocks, it is crazy.

It blocks so many different ads.

So, yeah, that is just a quick tip that's tip.

Number one so get next DNS I'll have a link Down Below in the description, it'll bring you straight to the next DNS website.

You can sign up from there.

It's, super easy.

Setup probably takes less than three minutes.

And you can block as many ads as you want as many trackers as you want, for example, I block a ton of apple analytics that Apple tries to send in the background.

So Apple can't, get those anymore.

Sorry, guys.

Now next up, I also use one called lockdown.

So this is kind of like a local device firewall.

So the other one was DNS based this one's just on your phone.

So none of this goes to the cloud or anything like the other one.

This one stays on your device only it's a little bit more rudimentary.

You can see I blocked 1.19 million trackers using this firewall.

You do not need this tunnel.

Vpn that costs money.

This part's free, though here is my block list got pretty much everything blocked except for Facebook.

So yeah, that's that you can view the log here.

So I can see how many times Facebook tried to alter their servers, which is absolutely ridiculous Amazon.

They do a lot so there's all kinds of crap that this blocks I love it.

So I use both of these I use next DNS, plus lockdown and that blocks.

So many trackers on the phone it's crazy.

Now, lastly, guys I'm gonna put you on some game.

Don't use the YouTube app on your phone, I know, it's convenient just use Safari so go to Safari go to YouTube in Safari sign in.

And you can see all your subscriptions.

There, just make sure you put on ad Guard Pro and Adblock Pro.

You can even use the free version of this one.

If you want, you don't have to pay just turn on the ad, blocking features of this app, and it will block all ads within YouTube on their website, not the app you cannot use the YouTube app.

They always have ads that you can't get around that unless you pay for YouTube red or whatever, if you don't want to see ads on your phone, just go to Safari go to YouTube and have these turned on the other ones I can recommend are also.

Let me see here.

Baking soda and vinegar.

Those will kind of change the YouTube player to be a little bit more palatable when you're on their website.

So install those those cost a little money like two bucks, but they work perfectly.

And then if you do have deeper Pockets, you can get stop the madness, but if you're going that deep go to their app page and make sure it's what you want because it's like 10 bucks and then Noir, if you like dark mode on every website, you visit I, love it.

So those are just my quick tips for you guys, the biggest one being next DNS because I think a lot of people haven't heard about this, and it could be a game changer for you.

You can block, whatever you want, you can choose.

And if you're a parent, you can also limit what your kids can go on through DNS.

So just down download this app again links down below try it out.

Let me know what you think if you want me to do a deeper dive of this like show, you guys the interface on next dns's website, let me know, but this is just a quick video to put this out there.

So you guys can go download, these apps try them out for yourself, and hopefully stop having to see pesky ads and trackers online.

So that's, all I got if you'd like to hit a big Thumbs, Up, And, subscribe like I said links to all these down below.

So you guys go to the right apps thumbs up.

Subscribe peace.


Does NextDNS block ads on iOS? ›

NextDNS protects you from all kinds of security threats, blocks ads and trackers on websites and in apps and provides a safe and supervised Internet for kids — on all devices and on all networks.

How can I block all ads on my iPhone? ›

Check Safari settings

On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Safari. Turn on Block Pop-ups. Turn on Fraudulent Website Warning.

Why is my iPhone AdGuard not blocking ads? ›

Open AdGuard → Settings → Safari protection. The toggle should be on (it shows on the main screen as well). Go to AdGuard's main screen and tap (Update Filters) in the right upper corner. Check if your problem is solved.

How do I block ads on my iPhone AdGuard? ›

How to configure system-wide filtering with AdGuard for iOS
  1. Enable AdGuard DNS server (Settings → DNS protection → DNS server → AdGuard DNS).
  2. Add a DNS filter/hosts file that will block ad and tracking domains, e.g. AdGuard DNS filter.


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